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Join Free, Best Dating Site to Meet People Online Privately and Safely, Private Message Exchanges, Secure Server with Photo Encryption. Have a Romantic Interaction with Someone Online on Luvgi. Private Account on Luvgi, Photos, Videos, Voice Messages, Little I love You's and Song Clips. You will Receive Free Likes from Members on Luvgi. You can Also Send Free Likes to Let Members Know That You Like Them. Chat, Share Photos, Videos and More : See Members in Video Before You Meet.

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Welcome to Luvgi Online Dating Site and Mobile App. The Site works on All devices around the world and connects you with like minded singles for singles online dating, love and fun. Android and IOS enabled for Mobile Devices and Also Works on Laptop and Internet Enabled TV. Looking for Love, the One or Just Have Fun on Luvgi Online Dating Site. We offer the Best Dating Site for Meeting Fun, Happy People, who are Looking for Meeting New People to be Social With in a Fun and Easy Going Way. Take it Easy on Luvgi, Relax and Have Fun Talking to New People Looking to Talk to and Make New Friends and Maybe Find Love with People Just Like You. Join Free for Online Dating and Start a New Conversation with Someone New, Today.

Online Dating on Luvgi Com for Fun Loving Singles. Find Love, Friends and Relationships.

Online Dating on Luvgi Com for Fun Loving Singles Thank You. Find Love, Friends and Relationships.

Online Dating on Luvgi Com for Fun Loving Singles Happy Couple. Find Love, Friends and Relationships.

Looking for Love? Friends? Good Place to Meet New People? Find a Date? Welcome to LUVGI COM Online Dating Site.

Meet New People, Share Photos Videos Voice, Free Like's and More. Join Free:

Dating Advice: Be Polite and Listen When You are on a Date, To Have a More Meaningful Conversation it is Good that Your Date See's That You are Paying Attention to What they are Saying. Getting to Know Someone and if They are a Good Fit for You, is all about Listening and Talking and Being Open and Honest in Your Communications. If You are Not a Good Fit it is Good to Get that Out the Way Early so that You Can Go on Another Date with Someone Who May be a Better Fit for You.

Don't get too Excited or Nervous, this is a Great Opportunity for You to Evaluate a Potential Partner Match and You will Need to Make Sure that you are Getting to Know Who the Two of You Really Are, the Real Person Inside. After You have Gotten to Know Each other and If it Becomes a Relationship it Will Always Come Down to Your Honesty in the Beginning as to Whether or Not Your Relationship will Be Succesful or Not, Once the Honeymoon Period is Over the Real People Tend to Come Out, When Not Trying to Make an Impression. Honesty is the Best Policy, Be Real and Put the Real You Out There, If You are Not a Good Fit from the Beginning then You are Fast Tracking Being Able to Find the Right Person for You. A Wonderful Relationship Continues When Both People are Honest with Each Other from the Beginning, Then this Relationship Goes from Strength to Strength and Becomes a Wonderful Togetherness Relationship, Built on Honesty, Respect and Trust. Now Doesn't That Sound Like a Good Start? It All Comes Down to Being Honest from the Very Beginning, Particularly When Evaluating Potential Matches, Make Sure You Get the Real You Out and in Front as Soon as Possible, To Give You the Best Chance of Finding the Right Match for You.

Share Photos, Videos, Voice and Text to Get to Know Suitors on Luvgi.Com Get a full 360 Degree View of Each Other and Spend Some Time Chatting and Communicating on the Platform. This Provides a Safe and Secure Way for Easy Online Dating. After getting to Know a Few Possiblities then Setup Some Dates to Meet and Get to Know Each Other in Person. Remember You Can Block Members on Luvgi.Com if You Get Hassled by Anyone and Do Not Want Them to Contact You Anymore. Once You Move Off the Luvgi.Com Platform it is Easier to Say Goodbye if You Do Not Give Out Your Personal Contact Details. Even if You Have Met in Person But Not Exchanged Personal Contact Details, It is Still Easy to Say Goodbye and Block People from Contacting You. So Use the Luvgi.Com Platform for Messaging and Sharing Information but Keep Your Personal Contact Details Safe and Secure by Not Giving them Out Until You Have Found that Special Someone with Whom You Would Like to Take Things Further. Online Dating is a Wonderful Way to Get to Know New People Safely and Securely as Long as You Use the System. The System is Here, Simply Use It. When Creating Your Free Online Dating Profile on Luvgi.Com, Be Sure to Also be Honest, When Users are Looking for Matches, Wouldn't it be Nice When Someone Finds the Real You and You are Just What they are Looking for? You Get More Real Results from Online Dating the More Real You Are, You Will See on Luvgi.Com, Keep it Real, This will Give You Better and Improved Results. Welcome to Luvgi.Com Online Dating Site and Mobile App, We Wish You the World of Success and Look Forward to Providing Free Dating Services and Premium Dating Services to You. Enjoy the Dating Site, We Put Alot of Work into This. For You.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Online Dating Experience: If You Are a First Time Dater, or Used Online Dating Before, These Tips Will Help You Get the Most Out of Your Online Dating Experience on Luvgi.Com Create Your Free Online Dating Profile on Luvgi.Com and Upload a Profile Picture, Then Complete the Details About You with Honest and Real Information About You. This Helps from a Matching Perspective. Members on Luvgi.Com Will Search for Members Based on Specific Search and Match Criteria. Having a Succesful Relationship is About Matching the Right People with Each Other from the Beginning. Putting Accurate Details About Yourself in Your Profile Will Result in You Being Showed to Members When They Search for Details that Could Very Well Match Yours. Don't Try and Be Someone Who You Are Not, Rather Be Who You Are and It Will Provide a Better Chance of You Being Matched with the Right Person for You. Don't Wonder and Think What Will People Want and Try to Be That, Be Yourself and Let Us Show the Real You in Member Search and Matches, So We Can Match You Up with Someone Who is Looking for Someone Just Like You.

After Completing Your Free Dating Profile on Luvgi.Com, Upload Some More Photos to Your Photo Show Reel, This Gives More of a View of You for Members to See. Once Again Put Up Real Photos and Pictures that Show You from a Variety of Angles and Sides. This Gives Members More Comfort that They are Looking at the Real You. And More to Ponder About and Look At.

Continue to Exchange Video Messages of You to Members and from Members on Luvgi.Com Nothing Say's it Better than Video, Also Add Some Words, Something Like: Hi There Thanks for Looking at My Profile. Having a Profile Picture, Details About You, Photos in Your Photo Show Reel and Exchanging Video Will Get the Best Results for You on Luvgi.Com. This is a Great Way to Get More Likes on Your Profile, Send Likes to Members Free by Clicking the Like Box on Luvgi.Com When Viewing a Members Individual Profile, We Will Send You Free Likes Notifications from Your Profile on Luvgi.Com so that You are Always Informed When a Member Likes You. You Can Also Like Members Back Which is a Good Idea as We Also Send Members Notifications that You Like Them to a Members E-Mail, by Being a Member on Luvgi.Com You Agree to Receive Free likes and Unlimited Free Messages from Luvgi.Com Likes are an Easy Way to Let Members Know You Like Them and For You to Know which Members, Like You.

When You are Ready Start a Conversation By Sending Members Messages, Your Messages are Private Between You and Members and You Can Attach Photos, Videos, Audio, Voice and More. Use the Full Media Suite Enablement on Luvgi.Com to Further Get a Full View of Members. Using the Private Member Video to Video Messenger Provides a Great Way to See Members in Video, Listen to Voice and Get to Know a Member in a Very Real Way Online. Live Video to Video Messaging is Also Alot of Fun to Get to Know Members on Luvgi.Com

Block Features are Also Provided on Luvgi.Com so You Can Block Messaging from Members that You Do Not Want to Contact You. Match Filter is Also Provided, on My Matches, Make Your Match Preference Selections and We Will Automatically Show You New Member Matches that Suit Your Preferences. There is Much More to Talk About and Much More Inside Luvgi.Com Sign Up Free, Come Look Around Inside and Upload Photos, Video and Complete Your Free Dating Profile on Luvgi.Com to Interact with Members Using Photos, Videos, Voice and More on Luvgi.Com

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Terms and Conditions of Use You Agree You are Over 18 and You Remove Luvgi.Com from All and Any Liability by Using Luvgi.Com All Arrangements are Made Between Members Themselves on Luvgi.Com and Members Take Full Responsibility for their Messaging and Arrangements on Luvgi.Com

Privacy Policy: Your Profile and Details are Generated by Yourself. You Agree to Take Full Responsibility for Your Privacy on Luvgi.Com Contacting Members You Accept to be Responsible and Abide by Local and International Laws. You Agree that All Matters are Between You, Viewer, User, Person and Members and Visa Versa are Between Yourselves and to Be Responsible for Yourself in Your Communications and Conduct.

Personal Information Policy: All Details are Provided by You and Between Members on Your Own Risk and You Take Full Personal Management of Information Disclosure Between Yourself and Members. Using the Luvgi.Com Video Messenger You are Able to Check Out Members and Get a Better Feel for Someone. Any Information or Contact Details are Provided and Managed by You Directly and For Which You are Personally Responsible for Your Information Sharing Including Conduct, Liable to Local and International Laws of Compliance in Your Behaviour. Luvgi.Com Provide a Messaging Service for You to Share Content, Media and Information Between Yourselves Safely and Securely by Using the Purchase Message Credits System. The Credits System Bank Verfies Members Before You Recieve a Message from Them. To Ensure You are Communicating with a Bank Verified Member Ensure You are Messaging for Some Time and Know that the Other Member is Using Messaging Credits. If they are Using Messaging Credits to Contact You (The Message You Received was Sent by Luvgi.Com), They Have Been Bank Verified (Through Either Credit Card or EFT Bank Verification, Meaning that the Banking System has Provided Proof of Payment Confirmation to Luvgi.Com Before the Message was Sent to You. Using the Luvgi.Com Online Dating Platform and Purchase Message Credits System Enables a Safer Environment and Bank Verification System for Age Verification and Also Greater Security for You and Other Members When Comminicating with Members on Luvgi.Com 1 Send Message Credit Enables You to Send Photos, Videos, Voice and More to a Member Profile on Luvgi.Com You Can Also Send Unlimited Free Likes to Let Other Members Know that You Like Them. You Can Use the Block Feature to Block Unwanted Members from Messaging You. Any Information You Disclose Between Yourselves is a Matter Entirely Between Yourselves and You Remove Luvgi.Com from All and Any Liability Whatsover. Use the Luvgi.Com Media Messaging Platform to Get a Full 360 View of Members Before You Agree to Meet in Real Life. Luvgi.Com Sends You Notifications of Likes and Messages in Your Inbox on Luvgi.Com to Your Registered E-Mail. Including from Time to Time Promotional, Technical and Site Information to Which You Agree to Receive on Becoming a Member on Luvgi.Com To Reply to Messages You Need to Login to Luvgi.Com and Reply Using Your Credits. To Chat in Real Time Click the Refresh Icon in Your Messages Tab When You are Both Online at the Same Time. You Can Also Click Refresh One Last Time Before You Logout to Make Sure You Got the Last Message from a Member.

Members ONLY: Luvgi.Com is a Members ONLY Online Dating Media Messaging Platform and System. Only Members are Allowed to View Member Profiles and Message with Members on Luvgi.Com As a Member You Get a Free Profile, Unlimited Likes and Recieve Unlimited Messages from Members Interested in You or Sending You Messages.

Block Feature: You Can Block any Unwanted Members from Messaging You.

Contact and Reply: Purchase Credits on a Pay as You Go Basis on Luvgi.Com Credits Work like Prepaid Airtime. Everything on Luvgi.Com is Free Apart from Sending Messages to Members or Replying to Messages from Members. You Can View Your Credit Balance Anytime on Luvgi.Com

No Subscription: There is No Subscription Payment Required on Luvgi.Com Everything is Free, Purchase Credits When You Want to on a On Demand, Pay as you Basis. You Can Use Your Credits to Get to Know Someone Safely and Securely Online on Luvgi.Com

Messaging: There are Two Ways to Message with Members on Luvgi.Com 1: Real Time Chat 2: Delayed Chat - The Choice is Yours, You Can Chat Same Time, Share Media in Real Time or Take Some Time with a Delay by Checking Your Messages When You Want to and Taking Some Time to Reply and Get to Know Someone Over a Bit More Time on Luvgi.Com Both Ways of Messaging are Provided on Luvgi.Com it is Your Choice to Use the Messaging Service in a Way that Works Best for You on Luvgi.Com

Free Membership: Your Dating Membership is Free on Luvgi.Com If Another Member Does Not Have Messaging Credits (You Can See a Members Message Credit Balance so You Know if They Have Credits to Message or Reply. You Can Send Your Contact Details to a Member Without Credits to Message You However this is Not Advisable. However, in the Event there is a Member that You Really Genuinely Like and They Do Not Have Funds for Credits to Reply to You, You Can Still Send them a Message as a Member and They Can Receive Your Message and Contact Details 100% Free. This is Not the Reccomended or Secure Way to Do This and It is Reccomended to Only Communicate with Members that Have Been Bank Verified and Have Credits to Get to Know You Too Safely and Securely on Luvgi.Com To Accommodate People Regardless of Financial Status with Free Membership You Can Create a Free Profile, Get Free Messages from Members and If They Want to Take a Chance on You They Can Send You Their Contact Details if They Wish to Do So. You Can Bank Transfer and Do Not Have to Have a Credit Card in Order to Use Luvgi.Com EFT and Credit Card Options are Available to Purchase Credits on Luvgi.Com Having Credits in Your Account Shows Up on Your Profile and Helps Members Know Which Members Have Credits, Have Been Verified and are Able to Message Safely and Securely on Luvgi.Com Investing in Credits to Get to Know New People Safely and Securely on Luvgi.Com is a Smarter Decision and it is Advised You Encourage Other Members to Use the Credits System and Do Not Give Out Your Personal Contact Details. Should Members be Pushing and Trying to Get Your Personal Contact Details as Soon as Possible You Can Refer the Member Name to the Help Desk for Bouncer Services or Simply Use the Block Feature.

Bouncer Service: If You Need the Bouncer to Step in and Remove a Member from Luvgi.Com Please Send the Member Name to the Help Desk for Investigation. Just Sending a Member Name to the Help Desk for Bouncer Services Does Not Mean that a Member Will Just Get Deleted. There Needs to Be Good Cause, Sending Member Names to the Help Desk from a Jealous or Vindictive Reason will Not Get a Member Deleted. For All Intent Purposes the Block Member from Messaging You Feature is Most Sufficient to Stop a Member from Being Able to Send You a Message. Should You Have Any Troubles that You Think the Bouncer Really, Needs to Address, Please Ask the Help Desk to Send the Bouncer: Help Desk

Luvgi.Com Provides a Photo, Video, Voice and Text, Messenger for You to Get to Know New People Safely and Securely Online. Use the Messenger on Luvgi.Com to Get to Know New People and Take Some Time to Video Message Before You Meet in Real Life. Flirting, Dating Chat and More, Join Luvgi.Com Free Now.


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